Be Green on November 6th and Vote!

Here’s a breath of fresh air. I’m not going to tell you how to vote. I’m sure this is a welcomed change following almost two years of political banter.

Like you, I’m so sick of all the political garbage, I’m ready to toss my cookies, both left and right.

But I am going to tell you TO vote. And for one very green-minded, mega important reason. If you don’t, it was all for naught.

Think about your vote. For a start, it’s worth somewhere in the neighborhood of, let’s say, billions of dollars, give or take a few green backs.

It starts with the tangible stuff: yard signs, direct mail, indirect mail (bulk crap), fliers, posters; plastic cups, hats, shirts, banners, buttons and bumper stickers – the list goes on and on. Assuming somewhere in the neighborhood of 99% of this stuff is thrown out the minute the election is over, that’s just the beginning of the unprecedented election year waste.

Then there’s the yakety-yak-yak. TV ads, radio spiels, Internet banners, YouTube must-sees; town hall meetings, dinners, events and money-making functions. Clogging the airwaves, sucking up energy, wasting food.

Additionally, there’s the myriad of candidate  trips – the parade of planes, trains and automobiles getting the candidates to Podunk, USA, and back home again – which equates to surplus traffic, smog; the sheer amount  of wasted fuel…

I’ve only scratched the surface. Sadly, there’s more, much more, but frankly, my stomach is churning and I can’t go on.

The only silver lining is that it will all be over soon.

I’m not happy with the lead-up to our voting system and I know I can’t change the political machines which drain our resources faster than the speed of light.

But gosh darn, at least I’m going to make sure all that energy, time, money and food are not totally wasted. And although in the grand scheme of things, its seems like small potatoes, but on November 6th, I will go to the polls, pull back the curtain and sit down.

And then, I’ll make a green political stand of my own. I’ll vote.


About greenupforlife

Facing life one green challenge at a time. Freelance writer specializing in green and sustainable articles, blogs, cocktail napkins, whatever keeps the creditors at bay, while building my client base leaf by leaf.
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