Respect your mother…, earth

Nature. It’s one of life’s most perfect treasures. It takes our breath away, just as first loves, thoughtful gifts and special moments. For this, the true beauty of nature is something we should cherish.

To stand alone in a field, sans everything that makes our modern world tick – this is not a luxury, but a necessity. To leave behind the stresses of the day, forsake the responsibilities that tighten our chests – this should be part of our daily lives, not something we have to make time for.

And even though we spend less and less time in the great outdoors, it still calls us, often at our lowest. Enveloping us in warm, gentle arms, nature is often the best medicine for body and mind, regardless of our age.

It’s true – no matter how civilized we think we are, the natural world will always be a part of us; the soothing, quiet, calm oasis – the most nurturing mother.

And for that, we owe her the respect and dutiful caring of a loving child.


About greenupforlife

Facing life one green challenge at a time. Freelance writer specializing in green and sustainable articles, blogs, cocktail napkins, whatever keeps the creditors at bay, while building my client base leaf by leaf.
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