Shades of green

Recently a friend sent me a video of Shirley Horn singing “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” The song, recorded by everyone from Ray Charles to Kermit the Frog, says a lot about people…, and frogs. And I remember it well.

It also says a lot about the green movement. That it’s not easy to keep up with. Period.

When every day something new comes on the market – another new idea, another new product – that challenges our greenness, we panic. We have to rethink what we do, how we act and what we buy. We even begin to have our doubts about our own self-green-worth.  Am I truly green, or in the grand scene of things, more dark yellow or perhaps aquamarine?

Planting our green flag repeatedly in new green territories can seem daunting – perhaps overwhelming at times, since there appears to be no end to our quest.

But regardless of our own struggles, we need to remember that the greening-up that we are going through isn’t just about us personally. It’s really more of a happening: from community recycling to global exporting of goods.

In fact, the picture isn’t just big but more of a panoramic view, where all of us, people scattered to the ends of the earth, are in the same environmental boat. The true question is “Can we make it to a more eco-friendly shore before we capsize?”

My tagline for Greenupforlife is “Honest Green Living” because I truly believe that is where each of us needs to start. We need to reach for the skies in our efforts to make the world the better place for future generations; but we also need to evaluate what we are doing today and give ourselves a pat on the back once and a while (for the shades of green that we have accomplished thus far) instead of lashing away with guilt-encrusted cat o’ nine tails.

It’s actually easy being green – when you remember there are so many different shades.

Photo by: Wylio© 2007 Randen Pederson


About greenupforlife

Facing life one green challenge at a time. Freelance writer specializing in green and sustainable articles, blogs, cocktail napkins, whatever keeps the creditors at bay, while building my client base leaf by leaf.
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