Hoarding undies

The other day I got fed up. I yanked out my overstuffed underwear drawer and dumped the whole crammed-full thing onto my bed. At first, it was liberating to say the least – I could actually see the bottom now that my “bottoms” were no longer cluttering the space. But then I realized I was an undie – hoarder!

First you need to understand I’m not a shopper. I avoid the mall like a communicable disease,  and frankly window shopping gives me the willies. So, why so many “delicates” you might ask?

Well, the nutshell answer is: I rarely throw anything way. Thus, my collection includes everything from those oh-too-cute-dress-to-impress college panties to my nothing-fits-anymore hightops (that commiserated with me through four pregnancies) and everything in between…, and so forth and so on.

The result: a hodge-podge of lingerie, decades in the making – from sexy birthday gifts (hardly worn) to department store impulse buys (which were bought to replace holey skivvies – which not surprisingly, are also still here).

Staring at the pile of underthings before me, my hoarder identity exposed, I knew I needed to purge myself before it was too late (and I started collecting cats, for instance).

At first, it was easy. I simply dropped the drawers that didn’t fit, were full of holes and/or brought back memories of late-night cravings, into a bag to be recycled (at least that was the plan).

Then I went through the pile again and picked out all the cutesy ones that I knew I would never wear. Even the valentine heart slickeries my husband thought I would look darling in. Okay, I probably do, but I had to get real – aside from oooing and ahhhing when I received them (like a good gift receiver)  I hadn’t touched them since (much to the disappointment of my husband).

The next step: “what to do with old undies?” I may be a recovering hoarder, but I have green conscience – I wasn’t ready to just throw them out. There are already over 9 million tons of clothes tossed out in the USA every year! There had to a way to resurrect them – but how?

Google. Of course. (You’d be amazed how many people have given this underwear conundrum some really deep thought).

And here’s some undie recycle ideas I found:

Add them to the rag-bag: Cotton is preferred. Use for dusting, cleaning up spills, washing the car or the dog. I’ve even heard they’re great for cleaning guns – novel idea.

Make a quilt out of them? (I’m not sure I want to sleep under this one)

Donate to childcare centers. (Your childrens’ underwear that is). Some will take them if they are totally clean, for when children have “accidents” under their care.

Stuffing for pillows, doll bodies (do people still make these?) and dog beds. And if you’re really creative, notebook covers.

Once site even suggested donating to other countries. Check it out. I think the site is overseas though (words like organisation with an “s” is always a dead give-away).

My search gave me a plethora of ideas. With my bag of out-dated, underused and unwanted underwear to contend with, I’m ready to make some decisions. Overall, I’m thinking rag-bag for the most part, but the notebook covers were kind of rad – especially in silk.

Now, what about those bras??


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