BP oil spill and the 80 mile dead zone

The jury is in folks. And the results aren’t pretty.

According to The Huffington Post, “Despite the government’s estimate that less than 25 percent of the oil remains, scientists attest that it is not all gone, but rather settled at the bottom of the ocean….three to four inches of material. On top of this, scientists believe that the spill has caused the deaths of all marine life for 80-square miles on the sea floor.” Eighty miles. That’s close to the length of Delaware. I don’t live in Delaware, I haven’t even been there. But for perspective reasons I mention the Diamond State for I’m sure Delawarians would be crushed if their state was suddenly null and void. Of course Delaware is above the sea, full of human beings, homes and livelihoods. But just because we can’t see the devastation and it doesn’t affect most of personally, does this make any real difference  – when you consider we killed off everything?

Samantha Joyce, University of Georgia Professor, is leading the investigation team into the spill and its effects on plant and animal life in the surrounding areas. Using Alvin, the same submarine that discovered the Titanic, from 5000 feet down with over 6 months of scientific work, the pictures surfacing indicate a barren, lifeless sea floor – a virtual moonscape. An ABC news video on the Huffington Post site shows the devastation up close and personal. It melts this environmentalist heart.

We can’t reverse the clock but as in all things gone wrong, we can learn from this experience. Whether we put our knowledge to good use though – that’s the real question.


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