Kate and William, William and Kate

Much to-do has been made about Britain’s Royals lately.

Kate and William,William and Kate. Maybe you’re one of the millions planning to gather in front of the tube when they make their historic walk to the altar. However, another Royal is also making news, a far cry from the hyped white lace and promises plastered on all the tabloids. And tonight he will be featured in a film debuting at the Brower Center in Berkeley. Prince Charles of Wales dedicated environmentalist will receive his much deserved 15 minutes of fame in the movie Harmony.

Like Al Gore, Prince Charles has quietly observed changes and worked personally the last 22 years as a role model in green sustainable living.

Harmony, coined the “green movie event of the year”, provides an insight into the Prince’s passionate concern for the earth but also offers, according to ForestEthics, “an urgent, accessible and practical call to action, giving the audience a new and inspiring perspective on how the world can meet environmental challenges globally, locally and personally.”

Directed by Oscar-nominated Stuart Sender and Julie Bergman Sender of Balcony Films and produced in part by Greenopolis’ Anthony Zolezzi, the documentary also features a segment on ForestEthics groundbreaking protection of the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada and chronicles some of the world’s most promising environmental initiatives.

Though we can’t change the world overnight, every step gets us closer to our goal of a cleaner more sustainable earth. So, make this a priority.

Gather in front of your TV.  Host a viewing party with neighbors and friends. Take a stand with a member of the Royal party who should be making the news.

As Prince Charles so poignantly says in the film, “Remember, our children and grandchildren will not ask what our generation said, but what it did.”

Airs: Tonight, November 19th 10 pm Eastern and Pacific, 9 pm Central and Mountain.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/harmonymovie


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